Call for entries: the Andrew Seybold Innovation Rally AppWar is on!

by dbeebe » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:55:51 GMT

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 I wanted to call the attention of all Android developers to an event
happening in conjunction with CTIA in Las Vegas later this month, with
particular attention on the AppWar, a free competition for mobile

The Andrew Seybold Innovation Rally, offered for the first time this
year as part of ANDREW SEYBOLD WIRELESS UNIVERSITY, offers an up-close
look at how some of today most innovative thinkers are rallying to
create and deploy new mobile services that extend their lead over the
rest of the industry. This racing-themed program will provide a unique
look into the future of blended services, data and applications. As a
backdrop for these discussions, the program will highlight advances in
electric car technology and a first look at a igital dashboardthat
fulfills the promise of proximity-based content. Innovation Rally
speakers will include Rick Geremeth, Vice President of IT for
Motorsports Authentics; Michael Kadie, CEO of Electric Car Kit SSI
Racing; Mike Wehr, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association; James
Oyang, CEO of Pharos; Nagesh Challa, Chairman of Ecrio Inc.; and Sue
Marek, Editor-in-Chief for Fierce Wireless. For a complete agenda for
Andrew Seybold Innovation Rally and ANDREW SEYBOLD WIRELESS
UNIVERSITY, please visit

ee looking for the most innovative mobile services applications
from the most visionary developers, regardless of platform or network,
to participate in our AppWar,said Andrew Seybold. n tough economic
times, there can be a tendency to play it safe, stay with what works
and minimize risk. Wel be featuring developers who have put he
pedal to the metalto create groundbreaking applications that
distance them from the rest of the field.Finalists in the AppWar
will give quick presentations of their applications and the audience
will select three winners to experience the thrill of driving in a
NASCAR-style stock car at any one of 20 historic raceways in the U.S.,
courtesy of the Richard Petty Driving Experience (www. For complete contest rules and submission
guidelines, please visit

There is no cost for developers to enter the AppWar, but the deadline
to enter is March 16, 2009.


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