Finish activity

by ReyLith » Sun, 04 Apr 2010 19:44:09 GMT

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I have a problem with my application. During the execution of it, I
have some buttons which execute other activities when I click on them.
The way I am realising it is:

private OnClickListener scaleImage = new OnClickListener()
       public void onClick(View v)
           Intent intent = new Intent();
           intent.setClass(main.this, Scale.class);


The other activity finish it execution using the function finish(). I
have a problem. When the activity finish, the function update() should
be executed. However it doesn't run until I click on other button. I
don't know the reason, the function update() is just bellow of

Thank you very much. Regards.


Finish activity

by Mark Murphy » Sun, 04 Apr 2010 19:46:55 GMT


startActivity() is not a blocking call. As your code is written above,
your call to update() happens immediately after you call startActivity().

You may wish to use startActivityForResult(), so you can be notified via
onActivityResult() when then other activity has finish()-ed, and you can
call update() then. Or, depending on what update() does, you might
consider just putting that call in onStart() or onResume(), so you
"update" every time your activity comes back to the foreground.

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