Sms sending App (app to write and send sms in all intercepting all out going sms)

by Seer » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 05:03:39 GMT

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I posted before about wanting to intercept out going sms and
redirecting them but no one seemed to know a way to do this apart from
writing my own app to be used to write the sms's on the phone in the
first place.  So my question is there an open source app out there for
writing and sending sms's that i could just modify as i don't want to
re-invent the wheel and i would prefer not to have to built all the
functionality to look up contacts etc etc.

All i want to do is offer the user a choice of sending all sms's over
the web or the mobile network.  I would have preferred to let them use
their own sms clients but it seems like that is not possible :(

any tips would be great


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