Install Failed because of Insufficient storage? I got plenty, what gives?

by indiegamer » Thu, 12 Feb 2009 01:22:11 GMT

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 I tried to install my 10 MB program (which I successfully installed
yesterday) on my Dev Phone. I used the command: adb install (product

It comes back with this error:


I removed the original program from the Settings, I have PLENTY of
storage space, what gives?

How can I install this program?

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1. Call for Speakers - Emerging Communications 09

Dear Androids/Androiders,

The 1st Emerging Communications (eComm) conference held back in March
this year was the first conference to cover both Android and the
iPhone. The 2nd Emerging Communications conference will build upon
that. With that in mind, I'd like to share the text of the call for
speakers which will be going out on PR wire later in this week ,

Regards, Lee

PS Feel free to fire questions at me off list.



Emerging Communications Conference (eComm 2009),
Burlingame, California March 3-5, 2009


This isn't a traditional telecom conference. The eComm audience has
very high expectations of speakers. They are both seizing
opportunities of the post telecom era (or reinventing traditional
products and services) and can engage the audience. Rules include a
ban on "brochure speak" from stage (overt marketing pitches) and a
strict enforcement of the clock._

Plenary presentations lasts just 15 minutes including 2-3 minutes of
Q+A. We've found this format of carefully prepared presentations keeps
the atmosphere charged. This format also helps us to fit in more than
70 speakers over 3 days. Thanks to the intimate feel of the venue and
the energy and attention of the audience, many speakers find it to be
a a great public speaking experience._

It's expected that most speakers stay for all three days of the
conference. They stay to join a conversation with a high caliber
audience containing an exceptional number of the industry influencer's
and thinkers.
Talks can be theoretical, practical, demonstrations or a mixture of all three.

Particular topics of interest for 2009:

* Democratization of communications innovation; anything from VoIP
community, XMPP enabled social networking to DIY 12-volt telephony
* Convergence of the media industry with personal communications
* Theme "telecoms is becoming software"
* Telecom restructuring, threats, or new business models
* Telecom trends, particularly Asian
* iPhone or Android applications
* The new old - traditional carriers or vendors who are changing the game
* Mobile Social Software (MoSoSo) applications on any platform; any
socio- centric devices or applications will be considered whether
mobile or not
* Social Computing
* Mobile leveraging of Cloud Computing or Telco in the Cloud
* Future of Social Networking Applications
* Network Equipment Providers plans for next 1-3 years
* Facilitating business processes with voice
* 4G Technologies
* P2P modes of production or networking

Please note that this is a list of topics chosen by the selection
committee, but it is not an all-inclusive list of topics - we like to
keep an open mind.

Feel free to submit multiple presentations on different topics. Talks
on generic subjects can be rejected. Be unique!

Before submitting a talk, please try to include answers to the
following questions:

* How will your talk e{*filter*} people?
* What do you aim to arouse in the audience?
* What will be said in your talk that has not been conveyed at another
* Does your talk educate the audience?

Proposals will be considered for the following types of presentations:

* 30 minute keynote
* 15 minute plenary
* 1 hour tutorial (these extended classes give participants hands-on,
practical, in-depth guidance)
* 5 minute "Lightening Talks" (rapid-fire presentations that provide
insight into new technologies, projects, products or services)
* Other

Please include the following information for your proposal:

* Proposed title
* Overview and extended descriptions of the presentation: main idea,
sub topics, conclusion
* Suggested topic
* Speaker(s): expertise and summary biography

Submission deadline. November 17, although the speaking programme is
expected to fill in advance.

Final points. Dress code is casual or business casual. All speakers
will gain FREE entry, will receive an extra FREE ticket and a single
50% discount code to giveaway also. Speakers who have limited budgets
(i.e. academics) may have all or some of their expenses paid by prior
agreement. The selection committee will be looking for evidence that
you are an expert in the topic that you have proposed. Make sure to
leverage your individual or organizational expertise when making your
speaking proposal.

Still have proposal submission questions? Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]



The "Large" Small Print:_

If chosen you will be required to:

* Observe the clock - time slots will be enforced - this requirement
is for all and there will be no exceptions.
* We will not allow presentation substitutions on-site.
* Refrain from "brochure speak" (product or marketing pitches) from
stage. The audience is technically minded and averse to being
blatantly pitched.
* Register for the event (short online process) within 2 working days
of receiving a speaking confirmation (full instructions will be
provided) otherwise your presentation may be canceled and/or filled
with another speaker.
* Appear onsite and make oneself known to the delegated Speaker
Caretaker at LEAST one hour before your scheduled talk otherwise your
presentation WILL be canceled and/or filled with another speaker.
* Send in a draft presentation for review two months before the event
and a final version one month before the event.
* Accept that all submissions will be evaluated by the 2009 Advisory
Board. eComm 2009 Sponsorship or Exhibitor participation will not be
considered in the evaluation of submissions, outside of any sponsored
sessions offered in specific packages.


2. Are invisible activities possible?


I need to create the following flow for my application:

1. Application is launched
2. Application shows a view for gathering data
3. View for gathering data disappears. This view is graphical in
nature and only takes up the central part of the screen, and it is
also transparent, so the previous contents of the screen are visible
behind it and around it.
4. Some intensive computation takes place, that should take 0.1 - 1
seconds on a regular ARM 11 CPU.
5. Depending on the result of the computation one of two other views
is shown.

My issue:
I don't want the view described at 3 to have any other graphical
component of my application behind it. So i see two solutions:

a. I implement a activity that shows the view at 3 as the first
activity that appears when the application is launched. Problem: it
will stay "frozen" for up to one second while the computation takes
place. I don't want that because it makes the application feel
unresponsive. Can i make the view invisible once it is done gathering
b. I implement an invisible activity that launches another activity
that implements the view at 3, and this second activity returns data
to the first, that performs the computation and then launches other
activities based on the result.

In both cases i need to make a view invisible. I have tried various
methods of doing that and none worked.
Can anyone help?

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