Attention moderators: Fwd: Increase Your App Downloads on Android Market

by Disconnect » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 09:26:41 GMT

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 Isn't there something in the groups terms of service that says "don't spam"?

Ah.. here we are. Section 4:
Google authorizes you to view [..] the Materials solely for your personal,
non-commercial use.
You may not sell [..] or otherwise use the Materials in any way for any
public or commercial purpose.

There is also a section on "may not: post [..] disruptive commercial
messages or advertisements, or anything else prohibited by the Group owner." .. 

(I was going to post this on -dev but.. hopefully the mods will see this on
-discuss. Obviously they got my addy from -dev.)

Its nice to know android has already attracted scammers. Hopefully nobody
will fall for this crap. (FWIW at first glance I thought it was from goog
since gmail doesn't display the 'from' info by default. It certainly reads
like an 'approved' ad..)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nancy Wu <>
Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 7:25 PM
Subject: Increase Your App Downloads on Android Market

 Hi Android Developer,

A great way to distinguish your Android app from the crowd and increase your
downloads is the newly launched Mogees Reward
Network<> ;

You join by integrating the basic version of our SDK (not payments
enabled).  Let your users know they earn Mogees Reward Points for
downloading your app and each day they use your app.  Points can be redeemed
for gifts like Amazon Gift Certificates or a Nintendo Wii.

Why join?

        More Usage.  Increase the downloads relative to your competition.

        No Costs.  This program is completely free to you and Android users
and there is no catch.

        Open Enrollment.  We are currently in a limited time open
enrollment so no application or approval to join.

        All On Us.  Basically, we pay Android users to download your app
and use it on a daily basis.

We are providing this as the starting step to our virtual currency platform
and are looking to lay the foundation for the network.  You can find out
more about the Mogees Reward Network at 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Warm regards,

~ Nancy


*Nancy Wu  |  Mogees*

*Product Marketing Manager*

Mogees |

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email and any attachments are for the exclusive
and confidential use of the intended recipient.  If you are not the intended
recipient, please do not read, distribute or take action in reliance upon
this message.  If you have received this in error, please notify us
immediately by return email and promptly delete this message and its
attachments from your computer system.


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