Context menu on Mapactivity

by Premier » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 04:54:36 GMT

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how i can create context men on MapActivity?


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Here is what I got while running a test case of open core .

# pvplayer_engine_test -test 1 1
SDK Labeled: PVDEV_CORE_RELEASE_6.506.4.1 built on 20090312

Test Program for pvPlayer engine class.
  Input file name 'test.mp4'
  Test case range 1 to 1
  Compressed output Video(No) Audio(No)
  Log level 8; Log node 0 Log Text 0 Log Mem 0

Starting Test 1: Open-Play-Stop-Reset
Results for Test Case 1:
  Successes 1, Failures 1
Total Execution time for file test.mp4 is : 2.712000 seconds#

I want to ask why it shows 1 success and 1 failure . there should be only 1
pass or 1 fail only . Do each test case have multiple sub-tests within them
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Thanks :


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