Question about from the ApiDemos sample project

by hackbod » Fri, 27 Jun 2008 08:55:54 GMT

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And we can continue to put comments in sample code after completing
the final code for 1.0, so it is pretty low in priority at this
time. :)


Question about from the ApiDemos sample project

by Disco Stu 010 » Sat, 28 Jun 2008 01:37:40 GMT


Thanks for your response. Certainly clarifies a few things.

The sample code has been immensely valuable in getting a better  
understanding of the Android APIs. I totally understand the 'too many  
things to do' problem, I have been guilty of that many times. However,  
I would like to respectfully submit that a very large community of  
developers is potentially relying on ApiDemos code to learn about  
Android. "Well documented code" should be a key element of the  
delivery and not simply whether the demo code works or not. There is a  
lot of power behind the few lines of code that is not apparent at all.  
Honestly, by 1.0 timeframe a large number of us might not even need to  
look at this code. Now is when the comments will be most helpful.

Thanks again,



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