porting in Java

by SJSU Student » Fri, 18 Apr 2008 17:41:41 GMT

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I got a question about porting.

For example there is a SIP stack libraries written in java which is
called mjsip available at  http://www.mjsip.org/ 

Now I heard we can do porting the code to make it work for Google's
Android platform
 http://blog.roychowdhury.org/2008/04/02/mjsip-sip-stack-port-for-google-android-released/ ]

I am just wondering what do they mean by porting. In other words,
mjsip is also in java and android is also in java, so what else do we
need to do instead of using mjsip directly.

I am java learner in beginners stage. I need to do this porting in one
of my projects.

I hope somebody would clarify my question.


porting in Java

by Liu Huadong » Mon, 21 Apr 2008 02:37:09 GMT

 Android compiled code is different from other java compiled code.

So the main porting work  exists in load class.
if Lucky, the just need to develop a class loader.



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