Binder fix of "binder_alloc_buf, no nma" errors

by Pantelis Antoniou » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 17:22:42 GMT

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1. Market filtering for accelerometer or compass?

Hi, all!

I just read the developer blog post about non-phone Android devices
such as tablets and GoogleTV -

I'm writing an accelerometer-based game and would like to filter for
devices that have an accelerometer (or orientation sensor).  Is there
a way to do that?  It would also be useful to filter for devices with
a compass or GPS receiver.

I expect this will become an important issue for Android soon.




2. Android libraries

Managing an Android project in Eclipse, which I need to divide into
several libraries...

What, exactly, are the differences between "Android Libraries" (made
with Properties | Android | Library | Add) and "Referenced
libraries" (made with Properties | Java Build Path | Libraries | Add

I've already experimented and found out that:
- Android Libraries cannot use other Android Libraries
- Referenced libraries integrate less smoothly, requiring extra effort
to build the .jar etc.
- Both seem to be slightly unstable, sometimes not building everything
and creating an ,apk that compiles correctly but is missing the
library classes. (I'm not yet sure exactly when this happens, but I've
seen it a few times -- usually fixed by closing and reopening the

But, I don't yet have a good picture of when I should be using which,
nor any overall documentation. Anyone know the full story on these two
kinds of library usages?



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