Binder fix of "binder_alloc_buf, no nma" errors

by Pantelis Antoniou » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 17:22:42 GMT

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1. Android nearly working on Gumstix Verdex (Intel PXA270)

The initlogo.rle is whatever you want to show. Without it, system goes
directly to the desktop, after showing "ANDROID" ,

I think your system doesn't work right. Running logcat would help.


 Q: What is RGB565?

A: The file format for splash screens. You probably want to create a
320x480 image. It is unsupported by any other image software, so the
only way to create one is to start with a raw rgb888 file (8-bit raw,
the default format in gimp or photoshop when saving as "raw image")
and run it through rgb2565. Alternatively, you can save as a png and
then run this script by RyeBrye on it (assumes you have working
ImageMagick as well as a compiled version of rgb2565 in your path.) If
you run rgb2565 with no flags, it will create an uncompressed rgb565
file which should be exactly 307200 bytes. This file can be used for
replacing the initial screen you see when you start up the phone,
which is done by flashing it via fastboot (details here). If, instead,
you specify the -rle flag, rgb2565 will compress the image using a
simple RLE algorithm. This file can be placed in the root of your boot
image and named initlogo.rle, and it will show up after the initial
boot screen but before the animated android screen (details here). Do
not attempt to use rle compressed files to flash the initial boot
screen. See;a=tree;f=tools/rgb2565
to look at source.


zhou kejun


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Hi Dave,

I am seeing the following link:

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