Locked out of the Android Market by a "bad password"?

by strazzere » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 04:13:54 GMT

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 I have an issue opened on the Android Market support, but no one else
seems to be available to answer the question or has knowledge about
it, so I'd like to post it here with some more information.

The original topic is here; 
 http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android +Market/thread?tid=498aae3ad0879d4a&hl=en

Essentially, I cannot "login" to the Android Market using the
application on my phone. When I attempt to launch the application, it
pauses for a moment, then attempts to send/receive data and prompts me
with the following dialog;

Google sign in
The password isn't valid. Please try again.
[Text field]
Sign in (button)

I enter my password, click sign in - nothing seems to work though. It
just re-prompts me again.

Things I've done to trouble shoot this;
 - Tested all other applications on my phone which use my username and
password. All of them work, Finance, calendar, gmail etc.
 - Reset my password via gmail on a web browser, attempted entering
that password - nothing works. I've also reset my password again as
requested by a T-Mobile rep, back to the original "stored" one on the
phone. Nothing seems to work.
 - Performed a factory reset, associated my G1 with str...@gmail.com -
it associates fine, gmail, calendar work - however the android market
still does not work.
 - Attempted to login to the market when I was on Wifi, G, 3G - all
prompt for password again.
 - Removed phone while phone is runner as per t-mobile rep request -
no affect
 - Rebooted phone - no affect
 - Performed a factory reset, associated my G1 with a DIFFERENT gmail
account and it works FINE - all programs work and android market

This last one leads me to believe something is wrong with my gmail
account and how it is linked to the android market. Just to verify
that it didn't "magically" fix itself, I performed another factory
reset and tried to associate it with my original gmail account again -

Again, everything *but* the android market works.

Has anyone, every - run into, or heard of this? Possibly found a
solution too?

Also, hopefully before someone says - just use your other gmail
account. This is not a solution as I need to use my primary. Also the
market downloads apparently are linked to the gmail account, so all my
purchased programs would need to be repurchased on the new gmail

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