Android's communication mechanisms

by NameZero912 » Sat, 21 Feb 2009 01:48:26 GMT

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 Hi there,

I'm looking for a summary of libraries/APIs that Google Android
provides for communicating with other endpoints, e.g. servers, over
the internet. I'm basically looking for a complete list of
communication mechanisms that are well defined using interfaces, such
as SOAP or others

What I found out until now:
1) Android provides the Apache Commons HttpClient which allows to use
kSOAP on top, allowing me to do SOAP queries (however, all the logic
has to be done manually)
2) ewww.. that's it - looks pretty thin to me, for a device that is
relying so much on the GPRS/UMTS connection, which requires some kind
of communication mechanisms

I'm really just looking for brief points, once I know some new terms I
can find more explanation using anyway. Also, feel free
to suggest external (but working) libraries that add functionalities
(basically everything is either based on HTTP or using common socket
connections, so it's just a matter of libraries I think).

Kind regards,
Marius Shekow


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