Creating an app to add a function to Browser's "Share Page"

by Thomas » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 02:52:34 GMT

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 Hi everyone,

I'll start by saying that I'm very new Android and Java programing
altogether.  I'm really interested in learning it, and I have an idea
that's really driving me.

My previous phone had an option in Pocket IE to "Send Link" to and SMS
recipient.  I haven't been able to do this within Android.  I would
like to develop an app that will add a "Messaging" option to the
"Share Page" function in Browser that would hand the link off to an
SMS message rather than a Gmail message.  I currently have Twitteroid
and Beelicious installed and both add an option to "Share Page".

Any suggestions on what I will need to do this?


Creating an app to add a function to Browser's "Share Page"

by ANDROID_TECHIE » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:24:10 GMT


It's good to see someone who is a beginner like me.. i would
definitely like to be in touch with you to begin making new
applications.. sharing helps in learning .. i feel..
i m totally new to android platform but aware about java basics.. ..
working on a project to develop an application for Google phones
regarding booking of cabs..
i feel that by being in touch we both can help each other.. what do
you say??? right now , i m getting my basics right for android sdk
what is your status???
do reply...
c ya


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