Eclipse + cupcake + referenced projects in build path = VerifyError

by Guillaume Perrot » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 19:56:06 GMT

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 I answered here 

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1. got problem while playing video in SDK 1.5 pre

Hi friends,

I have written a small app which plays video well.

Its working fine for some video files, for some files the app is
unable to play. I got the log as follows:

W/PlayerDriver(  542): Using generic video MIO
E/PlayerDriver(  542): Command PLAYER_PREPARE completed with an error
or info PVMFErrProcessing
E/MediaPlayer(  736): error (1, -18)
E/PlayerDriver(  542): Content is truncated.
E/MediaPlayer(  736): Error (1,-18)
D/VideoView(  736): Error: 1,-18
E/PlayerDriver(  542): Content is truncated.
W/PlayerDriver(  542): PVMFInfoErrorHandlingComplete

Can any one please help me to solve this.


2. Indication bar is just closed upon tapping the downloading item.

Hi all,

  The question of mine is about the behavior of indication bar.

  When you download some files in the browser,
  you can see the indication bar is showing downloading icons.
  When I tap the downloading icon after pulling down the indication
  it's just closed and nothing happens.

  I expect to be brought to Downloads screen of Browser
  'cause I'd started to download it in the Browser.
  But just Home screen is shown.

  Is this a correct behavior of OS now.?
  Or is this a sort of defect.?

  Please confirm this.

  Thank you.


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