Android Email Team - Email Message Flags and Imap Idle

by Phone Nut » Mon, 21 Apr 2008 04:22:30 GMT

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 Hi All,

I have used probably every imaginable operating system on mobiles over
the last 7 years.  I typically change phones every 3 months.  I am
also business executive that uses smart phones to review over 500
emails daily, on average.

I am writing this post as I am really looking forward to Android and I
hope either an Android developer or the Google team will review this

All of the email solutions I have tried are lacking in some way.  For
me the biggest frustration has been synchronization of "email flags"
with Imap Server.

The following platforms do not support this feature

1) Blackberry (any model)
2) Nokia (Symbian)
3) Iphone (currently anyway)
4) Microsoft WM6 (not sure about this one actually, please let me
know, might work with Exchange only).

Palm currently seems to be the only OS that has this functionality
(with third party email software - Snapper or Chattermail)

Why is this so important to business professionals?  Well, when you
are reviewing 500 emails a day and most have attachements it is not
realistic to review them all on any of the above device, which means
you need to be able to Flag a message for later review.  Without this
feature it is incredibly difficult to decipher which messages require
further actions.

I hope that whatever email APP is released for Android it has this
feature included.

Below is a list of some of the other "Must Have" features that I hope
to see on Android email.

1)  IMAP IDLE (To allow for automatic push email with no extra service
provider needed).

2)  Partial message download (Meaning you can choose to download only
4k, 8k of a message and then choose to download more if you need to.)
This is different from downloading headers only.  Same for
attachments, must have the option to decide if you want attachments in
or not.  Needs to be configurable by the user.

3)  Various Header views - many programs only show the FROM: at the
top of the email.  It is also very important to see the TO: and CC:
fields in a simple manner

4)  Full set of short cut keys.  Any App that does not have short cuts
keys is really useless for business people reading large volumes of
emails.  Reply, Reply to All, New, Forward, Delete, Next, Previous,
FLAG, etc. etc.

5) BCC: automatically on Send (this is a standard feature, but it
should be mentioned).

6) @ Sign - when you are typing in an email address field and you
press SPACE, it will insert an "@" instead (like blackberry).  Very

7) Font Sizes - Fully configurable font sizes for the message, folders
and headers.

This is partial list of those features that I typically see are
missing from one program or another.  I am yet to see a program that
has all of them in one.

If anyone is working with the Android internal team, please pass this
message to them.

I am hoping Android will be the last OS I have to switch to.

Thanks....until then my search continues.


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