Added Interface of is not resolving at runtime

by chetan » Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:15:39 GMT

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          I have downloaded eclair source code and created an
application which is having UI, native code and externel interfaces
(not android interfaces) which are imported in  one service class of
package. This interfaces directory is not part of installation
package. We compiled our code for emulator and it created apk for my
package. i execute the emulator bin and my package works fine on
emulator and then same package i installed on samsung galaxy by using
adb but on boot up , i am getting error for the interfaces
classes.Error : Failed to find the interface and link with class and
then Class not found exception.
          Note: i complied the code for emulator i.e lunch 1. Does it
require to compile the code for target  with some other specification.

Thanks in advance
Chetan Chauhan


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