OpenGL garbage collection (with direct ByteBuffers)

by Urs Grob » Thu, 21 May 2009 06:33:09 GMT

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 I think this problem is already being worked on.

This sounds like something this contribution will fix once it's checked in.

-- Urs


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1. Parcelable Types in external projects.


In my service interface I am trying to pass several custom types via
the Parcelable api. Since I'm using eclipse and the custom types are
in an other non-android project, I don't think AIDL is "seeing" them.
The interface aidl file is generating a compile time error complaining
it couldn't find the classes to import. In the other project I've
created "ClassName.aidl" files that declare the types as Parcelable
(as described here,
but that didn't seem to help.

I suspect the problem is that the Parcelable files are in a
non-android eclipse project. Is this the case?

Casey Link


2. Google Talk client & other problems

I recently set up Google Talk to pull in another jabber server which
had an AIM transport (a federation?)  While this has mostly worked,
there are a few issues:
1, I keep getting messages that the other server wants to chat.  This
is annoying (I also see it in gmail's chat, so perhaps this is not
related to the android app specifically).
2, I tried to associate one of these users with a contact - it brought
up my full list of contacts and I selected the user I wished to add
the name to and it appeared to open that contact.  However, it did not
add a field for google talk.  Instead it appears to create a second
contact in the background with that name and google talk field.  If I
manually add the gtalk info to the real contact (the one with phone
info already there), it does not show this user as online in my list
of contacts, and only shows the other, new contact as online.
3, If I manually add a user's gtalk to their contact info and click on
it to start a conversation, it goes to a different conversation than
if I click on their name in the buddy list.
I'd _really_ like to get this working as having integrated IM would be
a huge benefit to me.

Other issues:
1, You can copy an address, say from an email, but you can't paste it
back as text, say to a calendar entry.  It just pastes whatever was
previously in the clipboard.
 a, Really, the gmail client needs to recognize events and have the
option to automatically add them to your calendar.
2, I tried to edit a contact to put a hyphen in the phone # (ok, so
I'm OCD a little) but doing so added an extra digit to the phone
number.  It did hyphen the first 10 digits correctly automatically but
had an extra somewhere so it was ###-###-#####
 a, I then hit back to cancel changes but found out that automatically
saved them - not a bug but confusing sometimes.

These are the issues I can think of off the top of my head.
Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere but here to post them as a
cursory search around for a bugzilla or some other tool doesn't turn
up anything.  Any tips to fix these would be appreciated.


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