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 I want to display some pictures like the "Picture" app does, display
them in a thumbnail mode. Some of the pictures are big, like
2100X2800, so, when I called SetImageUri, nothing happened. And then I
resized those pictures to a smaller size, like 210 X 280, and the
SetImageUri does show the images now.

I read from other posts saying this might be related to the emulator,
but when I use the picture inside of emulator, these pictures could be
shown. Any ideas?


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hi experts !!

I am unable to configure email application correctly on emulator as i
have to use the built-in email app for sending emails using intent. I
am using 1.6 version. I followed this tutorial

but when ever i try to click next after entering port details it gives
me error of "unable to connect to server". i even tried with k-9 email
application and the problem is same. I am using my university access
which is under a proxy. But i have configured thunderbird
successfully. I am trying to setup with gmail account first .

kindly help me out. It might be the issue with emulator. And also i
launch my emulator giving the proxy with using -http-proxy

hope to see a positive response.



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I wholeheartedly agree with Guillaume that Android lib projects would
be a good feature. But maybe the case I have in mind requires
something different.

I have ported to Android an LGPL library, libdmtx. This library has
native code and JNI wrapper. I created an org.libdmtx APK which
installs the native library (and the icon). The standard access rules
to /data/data/org.libdmtx/lib folder allow the native library to be
used from any application. But to work with this library, for every
application I must copy the libdmtx.jar file to the project libs
directory. Also, creating libdmtx.jar is a separate manual step in
Eclipse, and I must not forget to do this when some sources of libdmtx

I would expect there to be a more straightforward and automatic way to
do all this. At least, luckily I can tell Eclipse that the application
references the libdmtx project (in the same workspace) and it will
install libdmtx.apk together with my application apk when I debug it
or run it as Android application.


From: Guillaume Perrot <>

Android lib projects would be a good feature.
But why not having a dependency system between APKs like debian
packages ?

2009/5/1 Xavier Ducrohet <>


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