How can I see LOGV content in 'adb logcat'

by Meryl Silverburgh » Tue, 07 Apr 2009 03:57:39 GMT

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I put calls to LOGV() in my cpp file in WebKit code in andorid, but I
don't see any log statements when I run 'adb logcat' in another shell.
But as soon as I change it to LOGE(), i see them.
Can you please tell me how can I see the log content of LOGV?

Thank you.


How can I see LOGV content in 'adb logcat'

by fadden » Tue, 07 Apr 2009 04:47:09 GMT

 On Apr 6, 12:57pm, Meryl Silverburgh <>

LOGV is compiled out of native code in "release" builds; see
LOG_NDEBUG in system/core/include/cutils/log.h.

You probably don't want to do a "debug" build on a device, so you can
either mess with log.h, or just use LOGD instead of LOGV in your code.


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