Updated to Android SDK 1.5 r1 - adb connectivity problems

by Rob Franz » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 12:49:09 GMT

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I keep seeing:

[2009-04-28 00:44:32 - DeviceMonitor]Failed to start monitoring
<device name omitted for this post>
[2009-04-28 00:44:33 - DeviceMonitor]Failed to start monitoring
<device name omitted for this post>
[2009-04-28 00:44:36 - DeviceMonitor]Failed to start monitoring
<device name omitted for this post>
[2009-04-28 00:44:37 - ddms]ADB rejected shell command (getprop):

Basically adb logcat might work for a second and then it disconnects.
Same thing with adb shell.

Anyone seen this problem?  If so, how do you remedy the problem?


Updated to Android SDK 1.5 r1 - adb connectivity problems

by Chander Pechetty » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 22:30:53 GMT

 Describe your platform,
did you flash the 1.5 images onto your device ?

Unless enough details are  provided, there is very little help one can


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