android create avd -target xxx -name my_avd

by keekee » Sun, 17 Jan 2010 22:52:18 GMT

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 it prompts me an error as below:
Error: Target id is not valid. Use 'android.bat list targets' to get
the target ids.

I opened android.bat, but could not find any target number. Please
shed a light.
Where and how to find out a valid target number.


android create avd -target xxx -name my_avd

by keekee » Mon, 18 Jan 2010 03:13:05 GMT

 yes, it is command line.
I have Window platform installed. The output was "Error: Target id is
not valid. Use 'android.bat list targets' to get
the target ids." So I thought were target id in android.bat file but
it was not.

> > Thanks.

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android create avd -target xxx -name my_avd

by Maciej Sawicki » Mon, 18 Jan 2010 04:26:54 GMT


Try creating new virtual device from IDE.

Maciej Sawicki

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