IM+ for #Android beta is updated to 3.0.3

by harunjo » Mon, 19 Jul 2010 23:24:14 GMT

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IM+ for Android beta-testing

Postby Victoria  Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:21 am
We are glad to inform you that IM+ for Android beta-testing is finally

How to participate in beta testing?

1) First of all please download IM+ v.3.0 beta to your Android device: ... 3_beta.apk 
2) Please register on our forum, if you are not registered yet.
3) Please edit your signature and add your mobile device model and OS
version to it:
4) Start providing feedback.
You may post bug reports and here on this forum or submit them from IM
+ "About" / "Feedback".

As usual, most active beta-testers will be awarded by license codes
for Full version.

What's new in beta version?

- Skype* and Facebook chat support
- Improved UI and usability
- Text-to-speech (play messages as spoken audio)

What to test?

That's what we would like to check:
- how new services - Skype and Facebook - work;
- if there are any compatibility issue with diffent device models;
- if some issue reported for previous versions persist or not:

We would also appreciate your feedback concerning application
usability and interface.

CAUTION: This version is BETA, so we do not guarantee its stable work.
You install and use it at your own risk.
If beta version doesn't work for you properly, you may switch to the
latest release version 2.0.2.

* That's how Skype chat works in IM+ for Android beta:
- Group chats are not supported yet. This functionality will be added
to further updates.
- After 5 minutes of inactivity Skype service disconnects.
Victoria Slinyavchook
Head of QA and Customer Care
SHAPE Services 

I have HTC Nexus One, OS 2.2


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