Google Latitude JSON/KML feed - getting user ID

by monica » Thu, 11 Mar 2010 11:44:26 GMT

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2010/3/10 monica <>


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1. Coba JIT

Pagi boss.....

Saya ingin nyoba icip2 SamdroidMod yg JIT, dan mohon advice apa saja yg
musti saya pilih dr SamdroidMod Kitchen.
Mohon koreksi, yang dipilih :
- without base package [1.2.x]
- linux kernel LK 2.06.beta3
- superuser
- home (pilih sesuai selera)
- original phone application
- google service
- standard OS component (sesuali selera)
- nah... utk JIT-nya sendiri, saya musti pilih yang mana ya ?

Selain restart, negative effect dr JIT ini apa ya ?
Worth nggak dengan speed atau positive point yg bisa kita dapat dr JIT ini ?
Maaf kalo banyak tanya, dan terima kasih buat pencerahannya.


"Indonesian Android Community [id-android]" 

2. Strange behaviour with mediaplayer and seekTo (on start-up)

Furthermore, the problem described below also occurs when using a
VideoView instead of a surface + mediaplayer. Below is the code for
this example.
(I am also wondering, why does VideoView not provide a
setOnSeekCompletionListener like the MediaPlayer? I assume that seekTo
is asynchronous here as well, not?)

public class VideoTest extends Activity {

    VideoView vidView;

     * Called when the activity is first created.
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        vidView = (VideoView) findViewById(;




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