Cannot create AudioTrack with larger audio output latency.

by AndroidJimmy » Fri, 27 Feb 2009 15:03:46 GMT

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 I meet a problem about creating AudioTrack failed with larger audio
output latency.
It fails in AudioTrack::set(), blocked by codes below:

    if (frameCount < minFrameCount) {
      LOGE("Invalid buffer size: minFrameCount %d, frameCount %d",
minFrameCount, frameCount);
      return BAD_VALUE;

I think this code is for guaranteeing there are enough buffer and
sample in AudioTrack to wait for audio output consuming the output

In MediaPlayerService::AudioOutput::open(),  AudioTrack is created by
codes below:

    new AudioTrack(mStreamType, sampleRate, format, channelCount,

framecount is determined by frameCount = (sampleRate*afFrameCount)/
afSampleRate; In most situation, sampleRate is usually 44100,
bufferCount is hard-code in PV(4) and SONIVOX_PLAYER/VORBIS_PLAYER

So if there is a larger output latency, PV/SONIVOX_PLAYER/
VORBIS_PLAYER may not create an AudioTrack with enough bufferCount.
These may happen when output is a larger latency network device, such
as BlueTooth, etc.

Is there a way to prevent from creating AudioTrack fail under this

Cannot create AudioTrack with larger audio output latency.

by Dave Sparks » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 03:15:30 GMT

 There are a bunch of patches coming related to this in Cupcake. The
app can either ask for the default latency or it can ask for the
latency and request something bigger.


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