The file extension and read per mission issue Hi, I am in the problem about reading data fr om some new file extensions, the problem is gets -1 from the first run wit

by 100town » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 19:39:16 GMT

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I am in the problem about reading data from some new file extensions,
the problem is gets -1 from the first run without and
exceptions being thrown. Check the code below:
String path = sdcard/wanshuiqianshan.lrc fis = null;
                        fis= new;
                        int c=0;
                        StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer();
                        Log.e("INFO", "Here 1;
                        return sb.toString();
                }catch(Exception ioe){
                        Log.e("EROOR", "file: "+path, ioe);
                        return null;
                        }catch(Exception e){
If I change the file extension to xt everything is all right. I
debugged into the android source then the code running into the native
C code so not any clue was found.

I searched in the group. Only some discuss leads to the cycle about
mime-type and file extensions which cannot help me.
I guess it is a build-in security mechanism about the undefined file
extension types. Can anybody help? Thanks.


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