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by Rafles Marpaung » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 05:31:03 GMT

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 As subject...

Mohon maaf kalo pertanyaan ane tolol banget. Tapi ane bener2 buta masalah
android. Bisa tolong di-share, apa itu root, rom, jd2, flash, pantheon,

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I have a ListView with a custom Adapter that extends ArrayAdapter. It's a ArrayAdapter of Type Artist. (There are about 1200 artists in my list) Artist is a very small class that has a name and an id. The Artist Class has toString() overridden to return just the name. I have an EditText. The EditText has an TextChangeListener where i call .getFilter().filter(chars, callback) on my adapter. In the Filter.Filterlistener().onComplete() callback i print the count and it looks really good. As i type the count decreases. So it seams everything works as advertised, but the List stays the same. I tried to call artistAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged() to force the list to redraw, but nothing happens. [see 2.)] I am tinkering around for days now! I am desperate.. Hopefully someone can have a look on my code and tell me what i am doing wrong! How can i force the list to be redrawn? Thanks! (I have posted this question also on stackoverflow: http://www.***.com/ ) Here is what i have done: 1.) Defined a ListView and an EditText like this: <EditText xmlns:android=" http://www.***.com/ ; android:id="@+id/list_search_text" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="35dip" android:layout_below="@id/header"> </EditText> <ListView xmlns:android=" http://www.***.com/ ; android:id="@+id/list_search" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"> </ListView> 2.) Setup my ListView in the Activities onCreate(): private ListView listView = null; private ArtistAdapter artistAdapter = null; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.search_artists); artistAdapter = new ArtistAdapter(this, R.layout.row, list); // 'list' is an ArrayList<Artist> listView = (ListView) findViewById(; listView.setAdapter(artistAdapter); listView.setFastScrollEnabled(true); listView.setTextFilterEnabled(true); listView.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() { public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> av, View v, int position, long id) { // do something } }); EditText txtSearch = (EditText) findViewById(; txtSearch.addTextChangedListener(new Tex{*filter*}cher() { public void afterTextChanged(Editable arg0) { } public void beforeTextChanged(CharSequence arg0, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3) { } public void onTextChanged(CharSequence chars, int start, int before, int count) { artistAdapter.getFilter().filter(chars, new Filter.FilterListener() { public void onFilterComplete(int count) { Log.d(Config.LOG_TAG, "filter complete! count: " + count); artistAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); } }); } }); } 3.) This is my ArtistAdapter in short. I added an remove() and add() method: public class ArtistAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<Artist> implements SectionIndexer { private List<Artist> items; /* other stuff like overridden getView, getPositionForSection, getSectionForPosition and so on */ @Override public void remove(Artist object) { super.remove(object); items.remove(object); } @Override public void add(Artist object) { super.add(object); items.add(object); } } 4.) My artist has also the toString() overridden: public class Artist implements Comparable<Artist> { public String uid; public String name; public Artist(String id, String name) { this.uid = id; = name; } public int compareTo(Artist another) { return; } @Override public String toString() { return; } } -- DI(FH) Anton Pirker ------------------------------ cross platform mobile software burggasse 123/53 a-1070 wien tel: +43 699 1234 0 456 skype: antonpirker http://www.***.com/ --

2. Need help: How to disable a view(provided there are 2 views in xml) ??

Hi All,

In one of my applications i have 2 views(1 surfaceview and 1
videoview). And my main requirement now is

to disable videoview( & its corresponding surface obtained thru
videoview->getholder->getsurface()) when i dont need it.

The reason for me to do this,

I have created these 2 views in the beginning of the app. SO they are
always present.
But in some cases where i want only 1 view(which is surfaceview) and
if i dont need the 2nd view(i.e, videoview), i am still getting a
black patch at the palce where i have defned a videoview.

I want to get rid of this.

Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to disable views/surfaces
corresponding to them? If so how can we do this?

Please do advise. Your help is very much needed.



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