RC-29: access to 3G data network going down after onResume()?

by JP » Tue, 04 Nov 2008 12:17:43 GMT

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 Anybody willing to check out a problem I found on the G1 I have?

When testing the app I am working on, I am mainly using WLAN in order
to have relatively constant up-/download characteristics (speed/
latency). No need to weight T-mobile's network down either. One
concern is the coming back to live after receiving an onResume(). I've
tested this on WLAN and it checks out fine.
Then on to test on T-Mobile's 3G network. This test coincided with an
OTA update to RC-29 this morning. I am seeing strange things now. Of
particular concern is the following: Access to the 3G data network
completely breaks down (without the network going down (;->)). This
happens with any app that accesses the Internet, including Maps or the
browser. Here's what happens on my G1: Put the phone to sleep. Let it
sit for maybe 15 or 30 minutes, then bring it back to life (e.g. push
Menu button twice) and without delay start requesting data by moving
the map around. This seems to fall into a window where the phone is
not quite ready to access the data network. It's perfectly fine to
require a couple of seconds to reconnect to the network, but once it
has, everything should be back to normal. Not on my phone. When I
perform the above test, the phone/Android completely loses access to
the data network. I can reproduce this all time, assuming the phone
has been sleeping long enough. The only remedy is to restart the
phone.  TIA.


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