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1. Navigation keys recorded but no response

On our custom iMX platform, when pressing the navigation keys (up,
down, left and right) it is registered by getevent, but the interface
does not respond.

This is the output from getevent:
# getevent

add device 1: /dev/input/event0

  name:     "mxckpd"

/dev/input/event0: 0001 0069 00000001

/dev/input/event0: 0001 0069 00000000

/dev/input/event0: 0001 006a 00000001

/dev/input/event0: 0001 006a 00000000

/dev/input/event0: 0001 006c 00000001

/dev/input/event0: 0001 006c 00000000

/dev/input/event0: 0001 0067 00000001

/dev/input/event0: 0001 0067 00000000

Key 69 (105 in dec) is left
Key 6a (106 in dec) is right
Key 6c (108 in dec) is up
Key 67 (103 in dec) is down

Now all this corresponds to the keylayout kl file.

Any pointers as to what the problem is will be greatly appreciated.

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I am new to java and developing on android so am trying out a few little

I am trying to make some text in a TextView or EditText be clickable just
like a hyperlink. There doesnt seem to be too much available on the web but
here is what I have so far.

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

My problem is that the onClick event never seems to be called when
debugging. Can someone please help?



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