How to dismiss the AlertDialog without buttons after clicking on any item in the Alert Dialog

by vincent Kor » Sun, 15 Mar 2009 20:22:03 GMT

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 Hi, All:

    from the reference of SDK,  AlertDialog information as below.

    I want to create a dialog but i don't want to have any buttons in the
dialog, then i hope to dismiss the dialog after i click any item in the
dialog,  how should i dismiss the dialog ?

    When the user click the "back" button, it will dismiss the dialog.  so i
need to send the key message in hard code ? is there any other way??

    Really appreciate your help !!


AlertDialog.Builder<> ;
(CharSequence[]<> ;items,
int checkedItem,
DialogInterface.OnClickListener<> ;listener)

Set a list of items to be displayed in the dialog as the content, you will
be notified of the selected item via the supplied listener. The list will
have a check mark displayed to the right of the text for the checked item.
Clicking on an item in the list will not dismiss the dialog. Clicking on a
button will dismiss the dialog.
 Parameters    items the items to be displayed. checkedItem specifies which
item is checked. If -1 no items are checked. listener

notified when an item on the list is clicked. The dialog will not be
dismissed when an item is clicked. It will only be dismissed if clicked on a
button, *if no buttons are supplied it's up to the user to dismiss *


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