by Bernhard Kolter » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 02:12:12 GMT

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1. why there are two DRM implementation in Android

Hi all,
I found two DRM implementation in Android. One is locate in the package
android.drm.mobile1, which is used in Ringtone, MMS and picture viewer. The
other is provided by PacketVideo, used in video download and playing. It
seems that the two implementation are separate and have no relationship at
all. Why there is no uniform DRM solution in Android. Or Google will merge
the two in the future.


2. override or work around content-disposition to play mp3 rather than download?

Trying to play MP3 files via links in a webpage.  Most work fine -
launch Music Player and play with progressive download.

Some of the mp3 files have a content-disposition header which causes
the Android browser to download them to storage, rather than pass off
to the Music Player.

Any known ways to pass the URLs to the Music Player or avoid having
the browser act on the Content-Disposition header?


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