How to insert a TabHost view inside a ViewFlipper ?

by DMT » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 13:40:52 GMT

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 Folks, I was wondering if anyone has been able/knows how to include a
TabHost view inside a ViewFlipper view...

I've tried various ways to do this but keep getting a NulPtr exception
whenever the tabhost object is accessed at startup. It looks like
Viewflipper does exactly that : flips *view* objects. It knows nothing
directly of the concrete Java classes that are associated with the
views so the tab objects are always nulls.
Unfortunately, the tabhost needs to be data/object populated before it
is ever accessed, so this is the issue.
Is this analysis correct?

If so, is there any way around this? Or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for any suggestions.


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