Do I using GregorianCalendar in the right way?

by Wang He » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 18:00:00 GMT

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 0. I setup my Android emulator time zone to: Australia/Adelaide GMT
1. My code snippet:

        mtz = new SimpleTimeZone(8 * 60 * 60 * 1000, "Asia/Shanghai");
        GregorianCalendar gc1 = new GregorianCalendar(); //using default,
that is Adelaide
        GregorianCalendar gc2 = new GregorianCalendar(mtz); //using my
customized time zone

        Date d1 = gc1.getTime();
        Log.v(TAG, "testCalendar2: d1.toString: "+d1.toString());
        Log.v(TAG, "testCalendar2: d1.toGMTString: "+d1.toGMTString());

        Date d2 = gc2.getTime();
        Log.v(TAG, "testCalendar2: d2.toString: "+d2.toString());
        Log.v(TAG, "testCalendar2: d2.toGMTString: "+d2.toGMTString());

2. My Log.v
20:11:04.807: VERBOSE/worldclock(669): testCalendar2: d1.toString: Fri
Mar 06 20:10:55 GMT+10:30 2009
20:11:04.927: VERBOSE/worldclock(669): testCalendar2: d1.toGMTString:
6 Mar 2009 09:40:55 GMT
20:11:13.967: VERBOSE/worldclock(669): testCalendar2: d2.toString: Fri
Mar 06 20:10:55 GMT+10:30 2009
20:11:14.277: VERBOSE/worldclock(669): testCalendar2: d2.toGMTString:
6 Mar 2009 09:40:55 GMT

3. I supposed to think d2 should be the Asia/Shanghai datetime, but
GregorianCalendar.getTime always returns the default time zone based
datetime. So:

Do I using the GregorianCalendar in the right way?
Why will GregorianCalendar provides a timezone based constructor?



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