SlideME - Add Video to Catalog Page

by Shane Isbell » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 20:05:58 GMT

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 Just in case any developers are interested, we've added the ability to show
video of apps on your SlideME catalog page. You can hook up content from, Google, Vimeo, YouTube.



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1. why does the code seem specific to msm platform ?


I was surprised to see, bluetooth.c in bluedroid/ directory to find,
access("/dev/ttyHS0... sort of code ?
What does this mean ?

That every platform should name its high-speed UART port as /dev/ttyHS*, or
else have a service named hciattach_legacy?
It simply doesn't make sense.

Also, assuming wifi.c & bluetooth.c are kind of performing the same set of
functions ? why are their location so very different ?

bluetooth is found under system/ project and wifi under hardware/libhardware
project, wouldn't it be proper to move bluetooth to hardware/libhardware
project so that, vendors can implement what they want & way they want to in
bluetooth too, similar to wifi ?



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When using a mediaplayer to play back an audio file, you can set
looping to true - that's not the issue here.

If looping is set to true, there's still an audible gap between the
file finishing and then starting again.

How could I achieve true gapless playback? I've attempted using two
instances of the same file, overriding oncomplete and onseek.. can't
seem to improve the gap though. Any help appreciated.

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