Hello world problems

by amitshetty » Thu, 26 Jun 2008 23:54:06 GMT

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 I am embarrassed to be posting this here, but I cant figure it out...
Am trying Android for the first time. Installed Eclipse 3.4.0,
installed the plugins, unzipped the sdk and followed instructions to
create the hello world app. Ran the Android app. The emulator fires
up, but nothing on the screen other than the message "Android" in the
middle of the phone screen. I could swear I see a dos window pop up
for a split second, but I couldn't read it...
I tried going to the DDMS view, and "Reset adb", but that results in
the message "ADB failed to re-start make sure the plugin is propelry
Any suggestions?


Hello world problems

by Alfredo Gonzalez » Fri, 27 Jun 2008 03:41:51 GMT

I have tried to create my first hello world with Android but when it
initiates the emulator comes a text that said Android and then a red
light from one side to another and not run my application .... that
may be?



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Hello world problems

by Alfredo Gonzalez » Fri, 27 Jun 2008 03:41:55 GMT

 The same problem...when i ran the emulator shows a console window with
the text "ping sent out" after the emulator don't run the



Hello world problems

by Fr盲ntz Miccoli » Fri, 27 Jun 2008 03:42:06 GMT

 First you should post into the android beginners group, you are in the
developpers one. Then have you parameters your plugin by registering the sdk
files in Eclipse/Window/preferences/android.


Frntz Miccoli


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