by Nithin » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 12:12:22 GMT

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 HI to all.....

            Is it possible to include JavaMediaFramework  for android

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1. Running an application that is not installed on Android

I'm trying to load and run an Android application that is not
installed, so I have been reading Android source code to find if it
will help me to do it.

What I reached some calls that I "think" might do the jop:

new Instrumentation().newApplication(Class, Context)

and to create an ApplicationContext
there is ApplicationContextObject.init(Resources, ActivityThread)
to get Resources I used DexClassLoader to load the not installed .apk

next I want to create an ActivityThread object
and the code is there is huge and I enter into lots of other classes
and get lost

would someone help me and say if I'm going in the right way? and if so
how to create ActivityThread?
I fear that there would be a simple solution that I can't see


2. downloadable tutorial resources?

I'm heading to the airport tomorrow, and will be travelling for about
14 hours.  Was hoping to use that boring time to start reading more
about Android... but without internet access, most of the existing
resources out there will be unavailable to me.

Does anybody know of downloadable tutorials oriented towards people
with some programming experience, but no experience with the Android
SDK - videos, pdfs, docs, etc?

Thanks in advance for any responses!


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