ListActivity does the ArrayAdapter<T> class have to be an Inner Class

by David Parry » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:03:42 GMT

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I have a Concrete class that implements ListActivity in this class I
have an InnerClass extends ArrayAdapter<T>. This came from an example
and works great i.e. displays my list of items on the screen.

The problem is that I tried pulling out the InnerClass and use it as a
standalone Concrete class. So now I pass in the array of Items i.e T[]
to the constructor but when I set the ListActivity classes
setListAdapter(my pulled out InnerClass); the screen comes up empty?

So is this by design that ArrayAdapter has to be an InnerClass in the
ListActivity class?

If no then how can i get the list to display and update.

Thank you,


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