Android 1.5 on CDMA phones and OEM non-conformance documentation...

by Richard Schilling » Wed, 31 Mar 2010 04:41:39 GMT

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  know people other than me are having issues with this, so I'm
starting a thread specifically to talk about all the things that are
popping up just because phone manufacturers are running Android 1.5 on
their CDMA phones.

I don't even want to know why. I don't care. All I know is running
Android 1.5 on a CDMA phone means I can't build my application against
the Android 1.5 SDK. At best, I have to try and build my application
against some other version of the Android SDK, force the manifest to
allow the application to be run on 1.5 CDMA phones, and hope it
works ...

Or, I can have a special build for Android 1.5 phones that have CDMA
on them.

Either solution makes my stomach churn.

Also, I want to know where the conformance documentation on Android
devices gets stored, and if they're public? This is the documentation
that phone manufacturers sign off on to prove that their OS
implementations match the API specification that Google publishes in
the Android specification. Anyone?

I ask, because as a developer I need to know where an OEM departs from
the API, and I need to know what "Creative use" of the Android API the
OEM has adopted.

I see this CDMA on Android 1.5 problem so far on Samsung Moment and
the at least one HTC device. Here is the support discussion I had
with HTC itself. It starts out with my support request (rather ... a
rant) to HTC:

Customer Information
Name Richard Schilling
\Country United States
Inquiry Information
Inquiry Type Technical Support
Inquiry Description You should have never released Android 1.5 on a
CDMA device! I
don't know, nor care, who made that decision. You're breaking my
software and making it impossible to develop for your phones.


2010/03/17 06:35 Philip (North America Support (Tech)) Hello Richard,

I understand that it is important for you to develop for the device.
Android 1.5 works perfectly well for a large number of people on CDMA
devices. I have read the issues you listed at the URL where you posted
them, and I do understand your frustration with this issue. However,
you have to keep in mind that the device was not designed solely to be
developed for, and most users are able to use the device without
problems. As well, HTC Technical Support cannot provide any support on
the developmental side of things. I apologize for any inconvenience
you may have experienced.

HTC Technical Support


2010/03/17 09:23 Richard Schilling Thanks for your response.

It's not true to say that Android 1.5 works properly on a CDMA device.
It doesn't provide CDMA tower identifier, and there's no documented
work around. Bottom line: that's what I need. Have you read the API
spec for Android 1.5? There's absolutely no CDMA support in the API
spec for 1.5.

You're running a non-conformant OS build when you run Android 1.5 on a
CDMA device. From that standpoint, it's broken.

I'm going to dig into the Google code for Android 1.5 and the HTC
board support package to figure out what's going on here. I at least
need this all documented. Any links to documentation you already have
that you can point me to?

There are several parameters about CDMA networks that Android 1.6 and
higher provides to applications. At the very least, please, do the
developer community a

Android 1.5 on CDMA phones and OEM non-conformance documentation...

by Richard Schilling » Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:49:59 GMT

 Just reporting that I was successful in building my application
against the Android 2.1 SDK and running it without issue on several
Android 1.5 CDMA phones.


On Mar 30, 5:05pm, Richard Schilling <>


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Android 1.5 on CDMA phones and OEM non-conformance documentation...

by Ken H » Fri, 02 Apr 2010 23:58:43 GMT

 > Just reporting that I was successful in building my application

Just curious, how are you doing that? You can't check CDMA features on
a phone who's OS doesn't have a CDMA package...or maybe you are,
that's what I'd like to know.



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