Why HeapBitmap.base pointer is alignment 4 KB?

by nari » Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:32:52 GMT

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I read GC of dalvikVM.
I had one question on the BitmapMarking.

--- start ---
/* file is dalvik/vm/alloc/HeapSource.c: addNewHeap() */
321:  static bool
322:  addNewHeap(HeapSource *hs, mspace *msp, size_t
323:  {

/* snip */

355:      if (!dvmHeapBitmapInit(&heap.objectBitmap,
356:                             (void *)ALIGN_DOWN_TO_PAGE_SIZE
357:                             heap.absoluteMaxSize,
358:                             "objects"))
--- end ---

Why used ALIGN_DOWN_TO_PAGE_SIZE()? (at 356line)
Anybody knows who would be the best person can answer about the

I thought overnight, but I did not understand it. :(

Narihiro Nakamura


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