Are DateFormat and DateUtils supposed to be returning localized strings (1.5 emulator)?

by adamphillips12 » Thu, 14 May 2009 01:25:03 GMT

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I'm currently testing localization on the 1.5 emulator (with sdk
target of 3), I'm using the Custom Locale app to apply different
locales and also I've tried setting it from Settings also. This seems
to update what loads from the res/ folder, so I'm sure this is being

However I'm trying to use the two classes
android.text.format.DateFormat and android.text.format.DateUtils,
neither seem to be returning localized strings and neither have any
option of setting the locale manually. The documentation suggests that
they should be returning localized strings. Especially
DateUtils.getMonthString() which explicitly states it. Am I missing
something on how to use these classes? I can see in the
android.R.string plenty of related string items fully translated.

If they are meant to be returning localized strings, could someone
please post an example?

Thanks :)


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