browsing over wifi, page not found

by kim » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:23:42 GMT

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 I'm getting intermittent results browsing over my home wifi. When I
first got the G1 it connected, browsed just fine but a day or so later
I started getting 'page not found' errors on pretty much any external
page. Here's what I know:-

all my computers work over this wifi
I can browse to the router admin page on the G1
I can browse to any other computer on the network from the G1,
filesystem or browsing
I can get to the Market from the G1, download apps, whatever.
if I switch to 3G I can browse, browsing fails if I go back to wifi.
couple of times, rebooting the router (Draytek) gets me back online
but after an hour or so it fails again.
wifi settings tell me I'm connected to the router.
I have no security on the router (don't worry, I live in a big field)

New to Android, can't think of much else to do so any help much


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