Problems with support from T-mobile/General Question

by Joseph G » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 10:18:47 GMT

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I am having an issue that looks to be a bug on my Tmobile G1,  but T-
mobile isn't helping me resolve or expedite it.  The bug details are
listed here: 

T-mobile claims that I have the responsibility to troubleshoot Android
and file bugs for a phone they "support" and run on their network.
Humorously enough I went to the Better Business Bureau and so they
finally got back to me after 5 separate calls to support.  They claim
2 things that I am wondering about...

1. Do providers have responsiblity for interfacing with you the
Android team in submitting bugs on behalf of their supported
consumers?  Or does the consumer?

2. Do you have a team within the Android group at Google that works
with the provider networks?

BTW, the particular "senior" customer service manager I spoke with
said that the issue related to the fact that Android was open source.
Being a user, supporter and advocate of FOSS I had to stop and laugh.
xD  I asked him what that had to do with it and I got no response.


Problems with support from T-mobile/General Question

by Dave Sparks » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 12:45:12 GMT

 I can't comment on T-Mobile's obligations to you - that is determined
by the terms of the agreement you signed when you signed up. The
Android team does have liaisons who work with the carriers and device
manufacturers and we receive bug reports from them.


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Problems with support from T-mobile/General Question

by Al Sutton » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 15:10:26 GMT

 I think 1 is best answered by a lawyer.

As for 2; Google works with the providers, but what the providers ship 
is the providers decision and not Googles.



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Problems with support from T-mobile/General Question

by Joseph G » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 00:21:27 GMT

 Hello Dave/Al/ Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.   If anyone
actually knows about how I should deal with situation please respond
to me off list.

No one else found it funny that T-mobile said the issues of the device
were BECAUSE it was open source!?  I just about had a laughing fit.



Problems with support from T-mobile/General Question

by Justin Allen Jaynes » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 07:21:42 GMT


In a certain sense, the T-Mobile G1 version of Android ISN'T open 
source.  It WAS open source (under the Apache style license) until they 
commercialized the code and placed their own variant of Android onto the 
phone.  Which is perfectly fine.  That's a major reason it's licensed 
with the Apache instead of the GPL.  There is NO WAY TMobile would 
supply you with the source code they used to build the versions of the 
OS which run on their supported devices.  It's now in a closed system.

Now that they have done so, they dang well better support it for their 
paying customers-- or notify the users at the time of purchase that the 
phone itself is not officially supported.

Nevertheless, I'm not at all surprised.  I never could get support for a 
bug in my ultra basic Samsung phone who's calendar puts schedules on the 
wrong days.  I verified the bug with customer support and they claimed 
it was just my tuff luck.  I fought back and got another phone model at 
a steep discount.  But I still had to hand over money.  It's just the 
way the world works.



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