Encryption, Remote Admin, Framework, 2.0...

by Lo Yuk Fai » Mon, 24 Nov 2008 22:13:12 GMT

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 Some questions... Android currently seems to have a well-designed
security framework (?) which limit what apps can or cannot do, which
is good considering the improved connectivity, and the vast personal
and business information storable on today's mobile phones.

On the other hand, (IMHO) there seem to be something missing at the
moment. For example:

- File/Filesystem encryption for both onboard flash and external
- Remote administration (setup, backup, wipe; centrally-managed and/or
individually managed and/or mobile network managed)
- Wipe user data upon ? failed unlock attempts

My question is, is the Android system as a whole capabable to
accomodate these functions? If it's not currently supported. Is there
any plan to advance the development at these fronts, so they'll be
available, or can be implemented, say in the 2.0 release?


Encryption, Remote Admin, Framework, 2.0...

by Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt » Wed, 11 Feb 2009 18:56:03 GMT

 to make it short:

all of this should be possible with more or less work. Porting existing
tools should be the fastest way to get convenient results. Encrypting
the whole filesystem will be a lot of work, in my opinion.



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