German G1s seeing apps in USD & GBP. Is it true?

by Al Sutton » Wed, 01 Apr 2009 14:03:16 GMT

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 I'm seeing some twitter traffic saying that G1s in Germany (where the local
currency is the Euro), can see paid for apps but the prices are listed in US
Dollars and British pounds.

I've seen the term in the Google distribution agreement which says that
market may show an equivalent value in the local currency, is this going to
be turned on because this is just going to get more and more confusing for
users as more currencies are added?


P.S. for those that are interested. The end of 3.1 in says ;

"You may set the price for your Products in the currencies permitted by the
Payment Processor. The Market may display to users the price of Products in
their native currency, but it is not responsible for the accuracy of
currency rates or conversion"

Which I can see opening a can of legal worms if they show a 2.50 app as
being $3.50 and then charging the user $3.60.


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