Interested CRM on Android ?

by Jayant » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:19:39 GMT

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 Aftek has a very strong exposure to mobile application development and
has delivered variety of projects focusing on mobile applications
including touch point applications, mobile ads, mobile searches,
polls, location based services, CRM extensions etc. We also have
expertise in technologies related to portable applications, portable
devices, mobile commerce and multimedia applications.

In Android we have extensive expertise with the following

1.Rich UI designing, optimized graphics using OPENGL
2.Providing features using core level mobile aspects like making a
call, sending SMS, receiving SMS and post processing the same,
3.Building intelligence using various logs including calls, SMS
4.Providing features using core data including phone book, contacts,
meetings, notes
5.Providing features using various supported API including Maps,
Media, Text to Speech and Bluetooth
6.Providing features using the SQLite database API

For more details please visit  and 


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