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by rudi nurcahyo » Mon, 15 Feb 2010 20:40:23 GMT

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 Om....maaf kemrin gak sempat ketemu...hehehe...pas di luar kota...

Hahaha, boss

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1. ExpandableListView and Indicators

Hi !
I tried to use the expandable list view for showing a list of
category, with for some of them, some subcategory.
The problem is that some of this category don't have any subcategory,
but the list still show an indicator for them.
Good, i made a selctor, sure that it will work. But i was wrong, for
performance reason, a collapsed group is treat as empty, so a don't
have any indicator except if I expand a group with subcategory.
So i found one possible solution, removing the indicator, and handling
them by myself with an imageview.
Wrong again, i just CANT remove the indicator, apparently, we can make
them disappears, so there is just a black square, but i want the
indicator to fully disappears, like in View.GONE !
So, if I add an imageView, i got an ugly margin at the left, and my
custom indicator right after it...
By the way, i tried setIndicatorBound to (0,0), but same problem, so I
tried to move the indicator to the right of the item, by example with
(350,400). But there still a margin in the left !
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I am sorry for my bad English.

I am beginner and have some problem. I use surfaceView and  in
surfaceChanged i get Width and Height  of SurfaceView. I get
width(320),height(403).Fragment code:

public void surfaceChanged(SurfaceHolder arg0, int format, int
width,int height) {
                mViewWidth = width;
                mViewHeight = height;
                System.out.println(mViewWidth+" "+mViewHeight);

 But resolution of my screen 320 x 240. How it is possible!?


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