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by rudi nurcahyo » Mon, 15 Feb 2010 20:40:23 GMT

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 Om....maaf kemrin gak sempat ketemu...hehehe...pas di luar kota...

Hahaha, boss

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hi everybody, i'm an a beginner in android
i have developed a service which get GPS location , it works good (it works
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This is my first message in this forum, and I'm not totally sure if
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I am part of an ISV and we are planning to redesign all our mobile
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But I have doubts about one very important question (not talking about
reliability or any kind of issue about android). I have read a lot of
blogs, forums, etc, and i have still not found an easy answer to this:

Is there a plan to deploy Android to the enterprise market via
rugeddized terminals (like the ones of psion or datalogic, for
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