Motorola Milestone 99% cod Pekanbar

by ritno . testi » Sat, 03 Jul 2010 14:19:47 GMT

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 Motorola Milestone + OtterBox Commuter + Terpasang Antiglare Grade A (Made in 
Rp. 4.500.000

Kondisi : 99%
Kelengkapan (semua original) : 
Dus/Kotak (imei sama)
Cable Data + Charger
Desktop Media
Senapelan Plaza Lantai 2
0819 272 80000
Pin : 215FE733

Kalo di toko bisa gesek Visa/Master/BCA Card 
Kalo mau dikirim via TIKI, Transfer via BCA/MANDIRI/PANIN
Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Sinyal Bagus XL, Nyambung Teruuusss...!


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