Problem to open SMS after deleting another with my widget...

by Olivier » Wed, 10 Mar 2010 17:55:24 GMT

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It is the last problem I have before finishing my widget so I beg you
to help me!
I've created a widget wich can navigate in SMS/Inbox, and deleting
When I delete one at the position 5 for example, this one is deleted,
the other next are at the position before and the messages before the
one deleted don't change of position... All seem's to bee right... but
the sms at postion 5 is null and so can't be open... When I exit from
the widget and relaunch it, all seem's normal, and the sms at position
5 is the old at position 6, what is expected...
I use the classic method:
Uri uri=Uri.parse("content://sms/Inbox");
Cursor cursor=getContentResolver()query(uri,null,null,null,null);

But I think that there is a probleme because the sms database isn't
close unless I close my widget.
So can I force android to close it and reopen after, or shoold I use
TWOpenHelper openHelper = new TWOpenHelper(context);
SQLiteDatabase database = openHelper.getReadableDatabase();
in this last case I think I need the real uri of sms database (data/
data/<package_name>/databses) wich is?...

thank's for giving me your opinion and really hope a little help to
finish it.


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