opengl supported well in G2?

by tainy » Tue, 04 Aug 2009 19:26:58 GMT

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this is in android 1.5 version
I am using some OpenGL apis (GL10) for some graphic effect. The code
runs well on
emulator but not well on my HTC magic(G2). All the images which has
some skew effects
can not be shown and only show a white rectangle.

Could any one please give a hint what could probably cause this?
I really have no idea.

Thanks in advance.

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I think something wrong on invoking zygote.

And I tested like this.
When I just commented out the zygote invoking part in init.rc shell
command came up.
And following process could be found but mediaserver.
- servicemanager, vold, installd, adbd

Error message below comes up repeatedly.
init: event { 'add', '/kernel/uids/1013', 'uids', '', -1, -1 }
init: waitpid returned pid 2003, status = 00007f00
init: process 'media', pid 2003, exited
init: process 'media' killing any children in process group
init: event { 'remove', '/kernel/uids/1013', 'uids', '', -1, -1 }

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