Does the latest sdk provide the function of dynamic loading classes?

by quill » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 12:01:54 GMT

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 Hi, anyone who knows?

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1. Android and Accessibility

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this. With all the
evolution of the smartphones, on crucial aspect has been completely
overlooked. That is one of accessibility. This seems driven by iPhone.
The current crop of capacitive touch screens are all but useless for
people with impairments to use by artificial hands. This is really a
shame because resistive touch screens work incredibly well with
prosthetic hands or other devices secured to hands that don't work
very well. There is barely a mention of this shortcoming anywhere
among smartphone developers. Everyone seems desperate to copy the
iPhone features without regard for the effect on the broader
population. I've written the folks at Apple numerous times and yet to
get any response of any kind. It would be a shame to see Android
devices to get locked in competing for Apple's niche market. It would
be great to see more attention devoted to making it easier to
incorporate these resistive touch screens into their devices. I'm
currently stuck using Windows Mobile  on a Palm Treo, only because it
does offer a very good working resistive touch screen. I'm sure there
are many veterans and others with physical impairments would love to
get their hands/hooks or whatever on an Android powered device.


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Hi guys,

I have a database with 5 tables in it.There is a core layer which
communicates with the database and fetches the results and stores them in
memory temporarily.
Now my UI layer wishes to display the data retrieved by core layer in the
What i want to have ideally is to create an object of the core class and
call the DB operations whenever i want.The class which creates this core
object does not extend activity , but from examples i see , i need to pass
the activity as a context parameter to SQLiteOpenHelper.What context shd i
pass in that case ? There is also some concept of AsyncTask in Android but i
havent yet chkd how to use it.. Please help me on this one.. Thanks..Alok.


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