Does the latest sdk provide the function of dynamic loading classes?

by quill » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 12:01:54 GMT

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 Hi, anyone who knows?

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1. Bluetooth activation Alert dialog multiplication after screen rotation

I have encountered strange issue. From Activity I request Bluetooth
activation and 120s discoverability via intent:

    Intent activateBTIntent = new
    startActivityForResult(activateBTIntent, BT_ACTIVATE_INTENT);

I use it no matter if the Bluetooth is already activated or not.
Android documentation says that Bluetooth will be activated if it was
not, and that works fine. In both cases I get system Alert dialog

"Bluetooth permission request: An application on your phone is
requesting permission to turn on Bluetooth and ..."

When I rotate the screen I observe flickering. Press on Yes/No removes
one dialog, but there is still another one below. Performing screen
rotation I can get a pile of Alert dialogs, and have to press Yes/No
on each to get rid of them.

Described issue is present only if Bluetooth was not already started
when intent was sent, otherwise it works correctly. Tried on different
2.2 phones, and issue is present on all. Looks to me like Android
system issue.

Has anybody encountered it also, and maybe have some useful hint how
to avoid this?

Thanks and best regards.


2. init.rc service script echo

how can I get echo messages from various scripts started from init.rc
printed to console?

for example, dhcpcd service runs dhcpcd-run-hooks script and echo from
there is not printed.
also, when i run my custom like service from init.rc, echo
is not printed.



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