how can I put a newline into a format string

by Mark Murphy » Tue, 09 Mar 2010 04:00:16 GMT

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Out of curiosity -- where are you seeing this list of supported HTML
tags? Html.fromHtml() mentions special handling of <img> but otherwise
does not mention any specific tags it supports. If there is a definitive
list for it, I'd love to know!

Personally, I didn't even realize that existed. Thanks!

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how can I put a newline into a format string

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 11 Mar 2010 11:07:15 GMT


10, actually -- 9 on the second page you linked to, plus <img> as
mentioned in Html.fromHtml()'s documentation. And I know that <font>
works, at least for the color attribute, based on some StackOverflow
support issues.

And examining the source code, in addition to the above, I see
references to <div>, <p>, <blockquote>, <font size="" face="">, <em>,
<strong>, <cite>, <dfn>, <h1> through <h6>, ...and <br>. <br> is
supposed to inject \n as a newline.

In a nutshell, the docs are out of sync with the source.

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