How to detect All Ram Memory?

by Reznic Alexander » Thu, 24 Sep 2009 14:21:33 GMT

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 I can see free Ram memory, but how to see all ram available?

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1. Solution : How to install an .apk file from the windows machine onto the development board

To install Android apk files on to the target (in my case Beagleboard)
from a Windows host, we can use USB-OTG along with RNDIS driver. Below
is the procedure:

   1. Copy the linux.inf file from the Documentation/usb/ folder of
linux 2.6.x source to a folder on Windows
   2. Connect serial port of Beagle board to Windows com port
   3. Connect Beagle board to Windows host using USB-OTG
   4. Install RNDIS driver using linux.inf file when Windows asks for
the driver for the new hardware
   5. Open hyper terminal with configuration of 115200 Baud, 8 bits,
No Parity, 1 Stop Bit & No Flow Control
   6. Restart Beagle Board and execute following commands once U-Boot
prompt is up
          * # mmc init
          * # fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage
          * # setenv bootargs 'console=ttyS2,115200n8 init=/init root=/
dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext3 rw  rootdelay=1 nohz=off'
          * # bootm 0x80200000
   7. Once kernel comes up configure the usb0 interface on the target
          * # busybox ifconfig usb0 netmask up
   8. Configure the new network interface created on the Windows host
with below configuration
          * IP:,  net mask:,  Gateway:,  DNS:
   9. Ping to the target from the host to test the connection
  10. Set Windows environment variable from cmd prompt using: set
  11. On Windows host go to Android_SDK\tools folder from the cmd
prompt and execute following commands:
          * adb kill-server
          * adb start-server
          * adb install <path of to be installed .apk file>
  12. Verify the installed .apk file on the Beagle file system at /
data/app folder


2. R: Strange behavior of the panel for developers of Android Market.

Yes, for me is the some.I'am Italian.Giuseppe.
--- Mar 20/7/10, Tom  Hublek <> ha scritto:

Da: Tom  Hublek <>
Oggetto: [android-discuss] Re: Strange behavior of the panel for developers of  
Android Market.
A: "Android Discuss" <>
Data: Marted 20 luglio 2010, 15:31

Hello, I was looking developer console web page source code and I
found this quite interesting list

15,Vodafone - AU,false;AT,Austria,false,4,T-Mobile - AT,false,
14,Vodafone -
Republic,true,6,T-Mobile -
32,Orange,false,27,Vodafone - FR,false;DE,Germany,false,3,T-Mobile -
DE,false,25,Vodafone - DE,false;GR,Greece,true,18,Vodafone -
Kong,true;HU,Hungary,true;IN,India,true;IE,Ireland,true,19,Vodafone -
IE,true;IL,Israel,true;IT,Italy,false,29,Vodafone -
IT,false;JP,Japan,false,850,DOCOMO,false,1581,au by
5,T-Mobile - NL,false,20,Vodafone - NL,false;NZ,New Zealand,false,
21,Vodafone -
- PL,true;PT,Portugal,true,22,Vodafone - PT,true;RO,Romania,true,
23,Vodafone - RO,true;RU,Russia,true;RS,Serbia,true;SG,Singapore,true,
Africa,true;KR,South Korea,false;ES,Spain,false,26,Vodafone -
ES,false;SE,Sweden,true;CH,Switzerland,false,16,Vodafone -
CH,false;TW,Taiwan,true;TH,Thailand,true;GB,United Kingdom,false,2,T-
Mobile - GB,false,28,Vodafone - GB,false;US,United States,false,1187,AT
\46T Mobility,false,1788,Sprint,false,1,T-Mobile - US,false,
1839,Verizon Wireless,false,1893,nTelos,false'

Not sure what is its meaning and also not sure whether it was there
before the upgrade but it looks like list of carriers. I'm curious
whether other developers from other countries has the same list.

Do you think that carries will be involved in paid market process? ->



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